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Chain Mail

Chain Mail is the Bike North Newsletter. Historically it was published approximately every two months and mailed out to the membership. With new technology and the increasing cost of production, in both time and money, Chain Mail moved to an on-line only product. Moving the publication on-line also released it from the rigid two month cycle of publication allowing articles to be published as and when they became available.

We are always looking for articles, photographs, and information gatherers so if you think you might be able to help out please Contact the editor.

Chain Mail on-line!

Chain Mail editions from June 1997 are in HTML format. HTML editions prior to No 52, May 2007 may contain only the major articles and photos may be omitted.

Also available are the contents lists of Chain Mail for all editions which exist in HTML format. Use the menu to the left to choose the contents list.

 You can also search Chain Mail for a word or phrase. Once again selectable from the menu to the left.