About the event

The Bike North Century Challenge (BNCC) is an annual personal challenge event for members held in late April or early May each year (Sunday 30 April in 2017). Each small riding group consisting of 2, 3 or 4 riders stays together over difficult and testing terrain to reach the goal of finishing the route they have chosen. There is a choice of 60km, 100km, 120km, 160km or 200km distances. All riders meet up for a post event celebration.

For many members this is the culmination of long preparation and is sometimes the biggest challenge of the year. This is in no way a competitive event.

All the route choices take hard and hilly routes with significant amounts of climbing (and descending). The idea is that you step up to the challenge to extend your fitness and stamina. With higher levels of fitness and stamina you will enjoy all your cycling more whether you cycle for transport, for fitness or for recreation. All routes, however, have shortcuts which riders can choose if they feel they cannot complete the full course.

The Bike North Challenge is only open to members but you can easily join Bike North.

You must register to take part. The registration deadline, about a week before the event, is printed at the bottom of the registration form. There will be no late entries because we schedule each riding group (and we also need to arrange catering).

Ride details are included in the Ride Guide (Quick Links on the right).

To register you will need to download the Registration Form (Quick Links), then fill in the details and send it in. The best option would be to scan or photograph the form once it is completely filled in and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 21 April 2017.  If you can't do this you can post the form to "BNCC", 2 Lincoln Close, Asquith, NSW, 2077" - if you are posting the form it must also reach this address by Friday 21 April 2017.

Advice for participants

Profiles, cue sheets and climb data are available using the Quick Links to the right under the links to the Ride Guide and the Registration Form.

Post Event Activity

The plan on the day is to have as many participants as possible at the finish at the same time to share in the success of all the other riders. This means we will be staggering the start times to enable overlap at the finish.

The catering at the end will enable you to refuel and celebrate, so please plan to stay around as long as you can. The last of the longest distances will be planning to come in between 4 pm and 5 pm.

Previous Events

This event started in 2002 and has been run each year with hundreds of successful participants taking part. Information and articles about previous events will be available at the event archive in the near future.

Event Photos