Wayside Favourites

Stopping for a coffee, particularly on weekend rides travelling north of Sydney, doesn’t have to involve putting up with excessive noise and overcrowding let alone having to run the gauntlet of on-coming traffic when entering your cafe of choice.

Recently, the general store at Cowan has undergone something of a transformation and, under a new name, The Great North Cafe, is offering good coffees and a great range of other refreshments and meals at very reasonable prices. The Cafe also offers a selection of authentic Indonesian cuisine, all of which you can sample in a much less challenging atmosphere on a Saturday or Sunday. Open seven days a week, Cafe manager Kaz (pictured) and his staff will be happy to serve you something to hit the spot after that long hall to Cowan. Views aren’t everything and it’s great to see more variety in the choice available to weary riders looking for a suitable coffee stop along one of Sydney’s most popular cycling routes. [Address: 1177 Pacific Highway, Cowan. Phone (02) 9456 1268]