Be careful how you go

Readers may have noticed the report on Page 4 of the Sun-Herald of 12 May, 2019 about a cyclist killed in Lidcombe last week, the details of which, if true, beggar belief :-

THE SUN-HERALD Cyclist driven over after being hit, court hears

The latest road toll figures from the NSW Centre for Road Safety don’t make for more cheerful reading either, in so far as they relate to pedal cycle safety on our roads in recent years:-

The point is, until our urban cycleway networks consist mostly of separated pathways, these death and injury figures are likely to continue unabated. Which is why ongoing advocacy is so important to all our futures, not just in preventing any of us from suffering trauma like the vehicle in this picture but in also changing our transport environments to encourage more healthy living. 

There are recent encouraging signs from some areas of government that more politicians are realising the nexus between ‘physically active local lifestyles’ and better health in their local populations. See the article on Page 11 of the Sydney Morning Herald of 6 May, 2019 :-

Mayors urged to use zoning powers to help fight obesity

So keep pedalling everybody, keep on the backs of your local, State and Federal politicians especially at election times and, in the meantime, to misquote the Roman satirist Juvenal “ you must make your will before venturing out for a ride” !