20,000kms in Under 200 Days

One of Bike North’s newer members who joined the club in late 2018 suffers from a chronic and debilitating rare blood cancer known as Myelofibrosis (MF). About 18 months ago, Steven commenced cycling when a newer medication regime allowed him to once again become more active. In fact, Steven has witnessed a significant molecular reversal in his bone marrow, which was downgraded from Grade2 to Grade1. Hence, Steven believes his anti-inflammatory diet, intermittent fasting, and his newly found cycling regime as having contributed equally to this turnaround in his health and fitness. In an effort to share this good news with other sufferers of rare blood cancers, Steven also launched a website that has a Patient’s FORUM built-in, where patients can share their stories and experiences with each other that also helps them overcome feelings of isolation, which is commonly found with these conditions because they are so rare. Steven says: “Most GPs remain unaware of them too…” Steven has now committed to an epic Fundraiser and awareness campaign, where Steven will attempt to cycle circa 20,000 kms in under 200 Days in order to raise funds for research into these rare blood cancers. The Peter MAC Cancer Foundation in Victoria will undertake the research.

Presently Steven cycles circa 350kms pw but needs to increase that to closer to 550kms before he departs in late May 2020, where he will hope to average approximately 150kms per day with a scheduled rest day every four to five days.There are a myriad of ways for people to show support for this epic cycling Fundraiser.To learn more please visit the website: WWW.MPN-MATE.COM Or email Steven direct – info@mpn-mate.com