Prize Winners announced for Design Competition

Bumper stickers and posters with positive messages for cycling road safety

Prize winners were presented today by the NSW Minister for Transport and Roads, The Hon. Andrew Constance, MP. The ceremony at Parliament House provided a showcase for talented young designers from across the state. Prizes totalling four thousand dollars were handed out to eleven entrants of the Design Competition.

Thousands of these creative bumper stickers and posters are now being spread across NSW, to boost cycling road safety and reduce harm on our roads. The Design Competition was run by Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC). This community engagement project was supported by the NSW Government, via a Community Road Safety Grant from Transport for NSW.

A poll of one thousand NSW adults commissioned for the project shows that 56% know the Minimum Passing Distance for overtaking cyclists (at least one metre of clearance, for roads with a speed limit up to 60 kph). Knowledge is 10% lower for the required clearance on higher speed roads (at least 1.5 metres). Just over half of adults are aware that drivers can cross double white lines, straddle lanes and drive over flat traffic islands in order to pass cyclists, when it is safe to do so. Awareness of the road rule exemptions has improved from 8% in February 2016 to 22% in March 2017 (Centre for Road Safety surveys), to now more than 50% in June 2019.

People who ride bikes make up one-sixth of serious road injuries and hospitalisations. Cycling road fatalities have gone up by half since the large increases in fines for bike offences in March 2016. Since that time:

  • Only 89 fines have been issued to drivers for dangerous close passes (with a value of $0.03 million)
  • Over 19,000 bike riders have been fined for failing to wear an approved helmet ($6.3 million)
  • Over 120,000 penalty notices have been issued for using a mobile phone while driving ($40.2 million)

“Bicycle groups, people who ride bikes and their loved ones would like to see increased efforts from government and transport authorities to lift the awareness of cycling road safety measures, as well as active enforcement of the Minimum Passing Distance road rule by NSW Police,” according to David Maywald, Board Member of Bicycle NSW and safety advocate for DHBC. “These colourful stickers and posters are providing fresh marketing collateral, with positive messages about sharing our roads.”

The Design Competition was open between January and 12 April 2019. It attracted 295 entries from across NSW, in four categories. “Everyone can share the road, and safely make it to their destination. We wanted to give people an opportunity to design messages that would stand out and connect with their communities,” according to Mr Maywald. “This is the first time anything like this has been done. The prize-winning artists and designers will contribute to saving lives on our roads, and will also get to see their original work showcased across New South Wales.”

Introduction from David Maywald, explaining the outcomes of the Design Competition

Category 1: Road safety stickers from under 18-year-olds, with messages relevant to cycling

There were 51 entries in the first category, including some excellent examples of digital art and graphic design. An honourable mention goes to Jarrod Khaw for his original photography, and his creative efforts. The runners- up in this category are Liana Corbett and Jackson Ryan. First Prize of $500 goes to Sienna Day. She is a 17-year- old high school student from Albury. For years now her goal has been to be a graphic designer working for different magazines across New South Wales and Victoria. Her creative talent has shone brightly, with a bumper sticker design that reframes the messages about Minimum Passing Distance (turning a legal burden for drivers into a positive and protective measure, with benefits for both parties):

Category 2: General bumper sticker entries with a Safe Passing Distance message, any age

The general sticker category was by far the most popular, with 104 designs being submitted. Some are funny and light-hearted, but many are highly professional, clear and polished. Runners-up are Kirra Zhigunov and Sarah Barber. First Prize goes to Zoe Sheehan, who entered a bold design with strong safety messages. She works as a Digital Visual Designer for FOX Sports, specialising in animation and graphic design. Zoe has lent her expertise to small businesses, community groups and not-for-profits. She aims to get the message across in the most visually-appealing way:

Category 3: Sticker designs featuring the DHBC logo and colours, open to any age group

67 designs were submitted in the third category. Some have a retro theme, while others have completely reimagined the club branding (with a modern and elegant twist). Runners-up prizes go to Michelle Carpio and Max Ulm. First Prize of $500 is taken by Job Sauler. He is a 24-year-old student, born and raised in the Philippines. Forward-thinking has always been his strongest suit as a young individual. “Moving forward and keeping the balance in all aspects of life inspired me with a concept that I integrated with the DHBC logo.”

Category 4: Posters with safety messages about Minimum Passing Distance (especially the road rule exemptions), open to any age group

Posters were the most challenging category, attracting 73 entries. Most of them have easily met the tough brief, which is a credit to the graphic design skills of the entrants. There are some brilliant examples of photography, comic strips and a lot of fantastic digital design. For the first time there is clarity of communicating the Minimum Passing Distance road rule exemptions, which has been desperately needed for a couple of years. Runners-up prizes go to Jody Mitchell (who deserves a very strong honorable mention for her work) as well as Michelle Carpio. First Prize of $1,500 goes to Shelley Kurtz, who resides on the Mid North Coast. She has a Bachelor in Visual Communication Design, and works as both a freelance graphic designer as well as full-time at a local printer. Passionate about design, she uses colour to evoke an emotional response from the viewer (which can be very clearly seen in her eye-catching poster entry).

Stickers and posters will be freely distributed to postal addresses in NSW. Send a message to DHBC Design Competition on Facebook (where all of the finalists can be viewed), email to or text to 0413 594 785. Orders will be accepted for between 5 and 50 stickers of various designs, and between 3 and 10 posters of various designs. Please indicate the name of the designer and the quantity that you would like, of each sticker and poster…

Minimum Passing Distance: NSW road rule 144

The Minimum Passing Distance road rule requires drivers to give at least 1.0 metre of clearance when overtaking cyclists, on roads with a speed limit of up to 60 km/hour. At higher speeds, vehicles must allow at least 1.5 metres of distance around bike riders. The road rule exemptions permit motorists to cross lines (including double unbroken centre lines), to straddle lane lines and to drive on painted islands in order to pass cyclists, but only when it is safe to do so.

About Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC)

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club is one of the oldest and largest cycling clubs in Australia. It was established in 1908 and has 450 members. DHBC prides itself on offering fellowship among cyclists, regardless of experience, ability, aspirations, or the equipment you own. The club’s distinctive red jerseys are a common feature of the roads around Sydney, as well as around Australia (and can occasionally be spotted overseas)…