New Bike Plan Consultation

Collaborate with Canada Bay

The City of Canada Bay is seeking input into a review of their bike plan.  So if you have something to contribute, just follow the link in the email below.  The deadline is 12 July.

New Bicycle Plan Consultation

Good morning, 

I am reaching out today to invite you to contribute to the community consultation for the City of Canada Bay’s new Bicycle Plan. We are developing a new Bicycle Plan to plan the delivery of cycling infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of bike riders in our area. The City of Canada Bay currently has approximately 18km of off-road cycle routes along with approximately 21km of on-road cycle routes.

We are developing additional bike paths to connect our City and while we prepare a draft bike plan we’d like to hear your feedback on existing issues, new ideas for bike paths and associated facilities you would like to suggest. As someone interested in transport and movement in our area, we value your insights and engagement with us as we develop this important element in our community infrastructure.

Please head to Collaborate Canada Bay and sign up to provide feedback on our mapping tool:

The consultation is open until 12 July 2019. Please feel free to share this information with your networks.


Bike Steering Group

We will also be forming a bike steering group as part of this consultation process. This group will work with our team directly so we can better understand community needs and work collaboratively to develop specific elements of the plan. This group will meet three times and you are invited to submit your interest on the Collaborate Canada Bay page. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all interested participants but we will seek to include as many representatives across stakeholder groups as possible.  

If you have any questions, please email myself or project manager Brendan MacGillicuddy, Traffic & Transport Coordinator, City of Canada Bay.

Sarah Corry | Engagement Coordinator
City of Canada Bay

1a Marlborough St Drummoyne NSW 2047 |
T: 02 9911 6563 |