Beat the Bus 8 – Shrimptons Creek

Beat the Bus no 8 features one of my favourite trails, Shrimptons Creek. It starts at Top Ryde Shopping Centre and heads to Macquarie University and shops. Its very easy, if you live in North Ryde or Denistone East and head to Macquarie University or shops or the offices, you should be riding this trail rather than going on a bus. It only crosses four roads, its 5km long and it beats the bus at peak hour.  “In fact you could walk it, just stay off the boring roads”

You can join this trail near the Top Ryde shops. Ride up Blaxland Rd and make a tricky crossing to Reservoir Lane. Do a little zig zag down to Santa Rosa Park. Cross on a better crossing and now you are heading north on the trail for 3 km to Waterloo Rd. Its always, fun, there are a few walkers so take it easy and you can do this on any old bike which is probably what you will need if you are doing a lock up.

At Waterloo, the Metro station is across the road with the shops and you will know all about the university.

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