A Message from the President

Bike North members will recall that in the News emailed to you all on 19 June we put out a call for an editor to take on production of the weekly News that you are reading now.  On a ride the next day I mentioned that we needed to fill this role and two members quickly put up their hands.  So, a big THANK YOU to Vic Buriak and James Yap!  Vic has taken on the major role and has produced today’s News; James will be his back up.

The willingness to volunteer that Vic and James have displayed is just what we need to keep Bike North strong.  As I said in an earlier News, apart from our ride leaders, around a dozen people make Bike North what it is.  We need more people involved.  The Annual General Meeting is coming up (Sunday 18 August) and we will have “generic” positions on the Bike North Executive available.  Our Constitution specifies that we must have a President, Secretary and Treasurer plus five other members elected.  Those five may agree to take on specific roles or they may prefer simply to attend our monthly meeting to have input into what we do or accept ad hoc “jobs” that arise.  The Executive will be strengthened by having new “blood”.  Will you volunteer?  Please think about it between now and the AGM or feel free to contact me with your thoughts at president@bikenorth.org.au.