NorthConnex Project Inspection

With the various public infrastructure projects going ahead around Sydney at present, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all their names and what they involve. The NorthConnex Project is establishing a tunnel from the M2 at West Pennant Hills to the M1 at Wahroonga that it is hoped will substantially reduce the amount of heavy vehicle through-traffic currently using Pennant Hills Road. 

Bike North has been involved in this project from its inception as a community group that the developer consults.

On Thursday 18th July Justin Holmwood and Brian Lynne represented Bike North at a site inspection around the southern interchange and tunnel portal at the intersection of Pennant Hills Road and the M2. The inspection was instigated by NorthConnex and Parramatta Council was also represented. 

The purpose of the inspection was to show all present how new cycling facilities under construction will enable riders using the M2 cycleway in either direction to continue their journeys uninterrupted by M2 traffic leaving or entering the tunnel or Pennant Hills Road.

The facilities include a large elevated, dedicated bridge for cyclists west bound on the M2 and an incredible cantilevered bridge and underpass for east bound cyclists. Additionally a new west-bound entry ramp from Oaks Road, West Pennant Hills for riders wishing to join the M2 cycleway in that direction has been built. To say that these new facilities are impressive is an understatement but more importantly they appear to have successfully eliminated all the most challenging separation issues in what would otherwise be a very dangerous interchange for cyclists.

No opening date has yet been set for the new facilities. It may still be twelve months away. However, when they do open, the work done by Bike North representatives such as Doug Stewart in their initial planning and subsequent construction consultations will allow cyclists to safely negotiate this complex intersection.

[The picture above gives you some idea of the engineering solutions described in this article.]