New bike path connecting to Sydney Airport’s International Terminal

On Friday, due to the high winds, we terminated the Botany Bay Bacon ride at Sydney Airport’s International Terminal. Not quite on the way to Botany Bay, but only a little deviation to inspect the new, state-of-the-art, elevated concrete bike/pedestrian path (see photo) which connects to the old bridge which crosses to Tempe Recreation Reserve, and thence to Cooks River. The new path runs from a bike parking area on the first floor of the new multi-storey car park (‘International Car Park P7’: you’ll find it on GoogleMaps), just 100m from the International Terminal.

Landing from Austria in the early morning in June, I took my bike out of its carton at the Oversize Baggage place, clicked the panniers in place, walked through Customs/Quarantine (no problems: I had given the bike a good scrub before leaving), and found my way through the car park to this magnificent new exit route. Then I rode home via Cooks River and Olympic Park. A perfect way to synchronise the body clock after a long flight home. I recommend it!
Alister Sharp