Wattle I do for spring ?

In a few short weeks, the long, cold months of winter will be over and we’ll be spinning towards warmer temperatures and longer days. And more cycling ! 

Time to get out from under those doonas. 

However, as we start to revel in the joys of spring let’s not forget to look out for the health of our bikes as well as our bodies. 

A bicycle unfit for purpose can often result in a body in the same condition ! So, make sure you get that ‘hunting’ derailleur adjusted, that rear tyre that’s almost worn through to the canvass replaced, that handle-bar tape that’s started to come loose re-applied and those worn brake blocks or disc pads renewed.

The perils and inconveniences of not having your bike in good running order, especially on a group ride, are innumerable not just for you but also for your riding companions. Punctures and malfunctions on a ride can never be totally avoided but getting your bike serviced and its key functions properly checked at the start of one of the best cycling seasons of the year can save a lot of unnecessary heartache and/or injury. For the longer term as well, regular checking of your bike’s functionality is highly recommended. So don’t be afraid to get help whenever you need it to ensure your bike is safe and reliable whenever it’s on the road.

Can’t wait for warmer times. See you on a ride soon.