Politically Engaging Bike Riding – Bicycle NSW

I am pleased, proud and quite chuffed to share with you a story on our website about the discussion by Labor, Green and Liberal politicians about safety issues for bike riders in the Budget Estimates in NSW Parliament last Friday. 
We feel confident that this would not have happened, had it not been for our dedicated advocacy work aimed at creating a better riding environment for all riders in NSW. 
Integral to the work that we do, is the support that we receive from you, our BUGs, as well as our Members. We are grateful for the role that BUGs play in the promotion of cycling and the dedicated advocacy work in their area. 
I realise that we still have more work to do but isn’t it great to see some tangible results?! Please share this story as widely as you can. 
Keep up the great work that you are doing! 

Angie Macken / Membership Sales Specialist
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