Parramatta River Strategy

The Parramatta City River Strategy is a plan for revitalising the foreshore of the Parramatta River between Gasworks Bridge and Rings Bridge, O’Connell Street.

It aims to improve connections between the river and the city and create more recreational opportunities for city residents, workers and visitors. This includes better spaces for walking, cycling and for hosting major city events by the river. The strategy creates a new vision for the area and reclaims the river and its foreshore as a vibrant public space for the city and its people.

One of the most controversial elements under the plan saw the boring of tunnels through the state-heritage listed Lennox Bridge, one of the country’s oldest bridges, to create a continuous footpath and cycleway along the foreshore.

To further enhance the strategy, City of Parramatta has commenced advertising a bike hire expression of interest. With this, it could potentially transform the river foreshore to be next recreational bike hub like Centennial Park and Olympic Park.