Freedom Wheels

Who is Freedom Wheels?  I suspect that, like me, most members of Bike North have not been aware of Freedom Wheels.  With the help of teams of volunteers Freedom Wheels gives people with a disability the chance and  – for many – the thrill of getting on as bike and going cycling.  Something we take it for granted.  Freedom Wheels is the fundraising partner of Spring Cycle.  Have a look at and  for more info.

Freedom Wheels has approached Bike North and asked if we would like to be a partner organisation.  What might that involve?  Even with volunteer labour It costs about $2,000 to build a bicycle especially designed to cater for a person’s disabilities. NDIS provides some funding but it is not enough.  When the Bike North Exec met Freedom Wheels’ Promotions Coordinator at our October meeting we bounced around a few ideas: we could seek donations from members, we could accompany people with disabilities on rides designed to meet their needs, we could provide coaching – and no doubt help in other ways.

To date we, as an organisation, have largely tended to look after our own members: exceptions would be some of our advocacy work’ our coaching programs and a recent community ride in Rhodes.  Here is an opportunity to do more.  We are looking for a volunteer or volunteers from our membership to look into the possibilities in more detail and, ideally, be the liaison between Bike North and Freedom Wheels and make happen whatever we agree to do.

If you would like to see more people with a disability enjoy cycling as we do please volunteer!  Please email me at

Tom Rubin