A visit to the Bicycle Culture Centre in Tokyo

After the cycling tour in Japan a few of us who had some time to be in Tokyo visited the Bicycle Culture Centre. The centre is a hub that has several functions for – information, education, advocacy and promotion of cycling in Japan. With two sections – one a small shop front gallery area – that focus on a theme for several months – when we visited it was on cycle touring with displays of a vintage touring bike and modern bike packing set up, a range of promotional brochures on cycling routes in the different prefectures of Japan. (walking and kayaking routes as well) https://www.japanecotrack.net 

The other section is a resource centre – that has displays of some Japanese some European bicycles of different eras, a general information area (eg want to read the 60 volumes of manga cartoons on cycling themes, or look through several volumes of ‘Derailleurs of the World! There is a large library and other items (that is only open to members).

The Bicycle Culture Centre holds information evenings on different themes and runs cycling safety seminars and promotes race events like ‘Tour of Japan’.