M2 & DELHI ROAD CLOSURES: Weekends Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

Building the bridge

  • Landcom is building the Lachlan’s Line Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge anticipated to open in early 2020.
  • The bridge will cross Delhi Road and the M2 Motorway to connect Lachlan’s Line to North Ryde Station and Riverside Corporate Park.
  • The bridge design and difficult access conditions require the bridge to be lifted and installed in four stages.

Weekend road closures

  • Each lift will require the temporary closure of lanes on Delhi Road and the M2 Motorway to provide room for the crane equipment and bridge segments, which each weigh between 47 and 109 tonnes. 
  • The lifts will be completed over four separate weekends when fewer cars are on the road, to minimise disruption to the community. 
  • The first weekend closure is being planned for Saturday 30 November to Monday morning 2 December.

For more info

See photo for road closures

For further enquiries, please call 1800 450 500  or email: lachlanslinebridge@outlook.com   

Check out Landcom’s website www.landcom.com.au/lachlansline