To Gong or Not to Gong?

Some months back this question was put to Bike North members in an attempt to get a team together for last Sunday’s Gong Ride.

Yes the issues with the Gong Ride, and similar rides, were noted, such as:

· Too crowded

· Too many idiots make it dangerous

· I can do it for free so why pay?

Bike North had a small team of two, Terry O’Halloran and Brian Lynne, although a number of other Bike North members rode, wither without joining the Bike North Team or as part of other employer teams. Tom Ruben joined the team but had to withdraw due to family commitments interstate.

So how was it?

The weather on the day was perfect for the 10,000 riders. Both Terry and Brian drove to the start and parked within a short distance of Tempe Park. Arriving early they started in the first wave at 5:50am. Yes it was early but within around 1km, the ride was smooth and at your own pace. Traffic lights were a problem on occasions but often the Police waved riders through.

Starting early, it was not too crowded, although there were other bikes around. At some stages, there was not another rider within 100m. Brian in fact set a PB, one of many, on the Waterfall descent, even though he had done it 22 times before. The ride through the Royal National Park and along the coast, over the Seacliff Bridge was brilliant!