Powell’s Creek Path Extension – North Strathfield

On last weekends evening ride in Olympic Park we checked out the extension of the Powell’s Creek path that now continues past Pomeroy St to Allen St and Ismay Park to Parramatta Rd. (Ismay park is small greenspace legacy from WestConnect tunnel/ramps project).

The first section continues the regional path along the creek , at Allen st people cycling for transport will go north to access North Strathfield shops or south on a new path leading to Underwood Rd.

In Ismay park, the path goes to new recreation facilities and playground eventually leading to Parramatta Rd. Strathfield Council and their traffic committee have recently a reviewed an export report on the best north-south route options between the Powell’s Creek path to get across Parramatta Rd & the rail line to Homebush shops.

A few aspects that fell outside the park building project are yet to be finished ie an aligned kerb ramp at Pomeroy st and improved ramps to cross Allen st; cycling dismount signs on a preexisting bridge on the path. Hopefully Strathfield Council will do these works soon.

Bike North riders will understand why there are ‘slow down’ or speed indicator signs when shared paths go next to a playground, but it was disappointing to see there ’10km’ signs painted on all sections of the paths including those quite away from the playground/recreational spaces. When I have been leading family rides, most kids on their own bikes most were averaging 12km per hour. The 10 km sign is inappropriate for the section of path that part of the local cycling route, the NSW transport research on safety issues on shared paths suggests they not supported by evidence.