Epping to Carlingford Cycleway

Bike North News has previously provided details of a proposed Epping to Carlingford Cycleway. This cycleway has been well planned by Parramatta Council, (using dedicated lanes, shared paths and  on-road options) and will provide a link between the Epping Road Cycleway and Carlingford Station. When the new cycleway is built as part of the Carlingford to Parramatta Light Rail project, this will effectively provide a cycleway to Parramatta and will be a valuable piece of infrastructure.

A small group of residents in the area are being mobilized against the cycleway and a meeting was held on Saturday 16th November in Epping. Council has agreed to extend the consultation period and hold public meetings to discuss the plan. The residents will also hold a meeting on Thursday 21st November at 4pm in the Loftus Street park. Bike North encourages members to attend to assist in balancing this discussion.

It is important that we support this development. Bike North is writing to The Mayor of Parramatta and members in the Parramatta Council area are encouraged to do the same to ensure this vital piece of infrastructure is not shelved because of a few misinformed residents.