Members Clothing Store now open!!

11th December 2019 – 17 January 2020

A password is not needed to access the Team store.

If people want to buy from the Team store they need to register with Champion with a personal email, password and delivery address, then make a direct payment with a credit card. 

The price that appears when ordering a cycling jersey already has the discount applied.

Another point to make is that  when ordering size , members need to put a quantity in the sizing box ie. number of garments required. I couldn’t work this out at first.

I have some size samples if anyone wants to check them. Perhaps people should just phone or message me on my mobile 0437 692521 if they have any questions.

Samples available:

Race cut  Mens L & XL

Club cut  Mens XXXL

Sorry ladies samples were unavailable 

For all queries on purchasing clothing via the Team Shop, the supplier, please contact

Click Here for more information on the Bike North web page, including designs, sizing and pricing.


Bike North Secretary