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 Several bike north members along with other representatives of community or business organisations, council staff and elected councilors participate in the City of Ryde Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). This is effective avenue for input into projects and programs in the Ryde area. Outside of this the Ryde workgroup members have continued to meet and undertake advocacy and promotion activities over the year.

Ryde Council have to be commended for working on and funding the design phase of projects – meaning there are several projects being worked up (concept design; detailed design & costed) having them ‘shovel-ready’ – ready for seeking funding. Bike North have been able comment on priorities of the projects and provide advice on design.

Epping Road Path:  The last section (between Balaclava and Herring Rds) is expected to be complete by the end of the year. Bike North will run a saddle survey as the work group’s January meeting (Tuesday January 14th)

Pittwater Road Path: this project is about make progress – RMS and Ryde council have joint funded the next section to be completed in the current 2019/2020 budget. This section will be from Epping Rd to Carramar Ave, joins to the current section that exists from Carramar to Kitty’s Creek Bridge.  Bike North have submitted recommendations on the detail designs. The shared user path will be on the eastern side of Pittwater Rd from Epping Rd with a crossing point to a path on the western side of the road part way along for the remainder of the route. Bike North have recommended it to be at the crest in the road near North Ryde oval.  The other segments – eventually to Boronia Shops then to Gladesville – will hopefully be funded and built in following years.

Eastwood to Macquarie Park Path: The proposed route for this shared user path was reviewed by Bike North in a saddle survey early in 2019 that provided comments back to council, happily most of our recommendations have been included in amended detailed design for the route. One more of the section will be constructed in 2020.  Unfortunately, the section between Agincourt Rd and Kent Rd between the two pedestrian crossings with a shared path outside the primary school is considered out of scope  – so something to keep advocating for.

Other advocacy –

Lachlan’s Line Bridge is being installed in sections. Quite a few years ago Doug Stewart was the represented Bike North trying to get active transport options into the master plan and have a cyclable route through this development.

Meadowbank Education and Employment precinct – this is a longer-term project – several members made submissions the Greater Sydney Commission Report and the potential for improved routes in the area. Here’s to an interesting 2020 in cycling advocacy.

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