Wash outs and other surprises !

In recent weeks some of our local roads have experienced phenomena unfamiliar to bike riders for many, many months in the form of wash-outs (pot-holes) and gravel and debris deposits caused by heavy rain. At the risk of being premature with any weather predictions, it is possible that these hazards may occur more regularly in coming weeks if we begin to experience more rain events as the knock-on effects of the northern monsoon begin to influence the weather down south in eastern Australia. 

Whether we do or don’t get any significant rain soon, we know from past experience when rain does finally arrive it tends to fall with a vengeance and any new pot-holes and gravel and debris deposits that occur on our roads as a result always represent serious hazards for bike riders. 

All riders are therefore strongly urged to take extra care when riding after rain, especially in places where sight lines are poor or non-existent and the possibility of encountering one of these hazards without warning is high. Such places are very common in our northern suburbs which abound in narrow, shaded and curvy roads – for example this bend on a descent into Bobbin Head photographed two days ago on 27th January].

And don’t forget to report riding hazards to your local Council or the RMS.

Safe riding everyone.

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