Tour de Cowra 2020 – Jersey Days

Registration is now open

Registration is now open for another Easter of fun and cycling at Cowra.

You can ride any or all of the four days: Thursday 10th April till Monday 13th April.

There are rides each day suitable for every level of rider.

See Bike North calendar for April to see at the rides, routes, maps and elevation profiles.

Jersey Days

To add to our enjoyment and to make each day’s ride special we are revisiting something that has occurred in previous Tour de Cowra events – Jersey Days.

Let’s have some fun while we are cycling. Bring your best jerseys. To celebrate the 21st Easter Ride let’s have some fun, and each day wear a different jersey, so:

Friday – Any Jersey Day

  • Friday is like mufti day at work – wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Saturday – Club Jersey Day

  • Show the club’s colours – wear your BN cycling jersey. 
  • Do you have a BN jersey hiding in the bottom of your cupboard?
  • Now is the time to hunt around and dust off the cobwebs.
  • Many of us have BN jerseys but we don’t all wear our club’s colour on the same day.
  • This is our opportunity to show we are a club.

Sunday – Favourite Jersey Day

  • Do you have a favourite jersey?
  • A jersey that you only wear on special days?
  • Well, please count Sunday as that special day.

Monday – Silly Jersey Day

  • Do you have a really silly jersey?
  • One that would make us all laugh?
  • Monday is not the day to be shy, get it out and be an extrovert.
  • It is Mad Monday after all!


To ride Tour de Cowra in 2020, you must register. 

Registration has been kept at the same price as previous years:

$11 per person for Bike North members and

$16 per person for non-members.

More Information 

For more information on Tour de Cowra 2020 and to register please go to