Bike North response to Conoravirus (COVID-19)

In the current environment the Bike North Executive is concerned about the health of its members and participants in its activities.  Government and Health messaging is telling us to keep separate as much as possible from others and that the risk of exponential growth in cases is real. The Bike North Executive is aware of uncertainty amongst members about participation in our activities. 

At present the government is not proposing events with numbers such as ours be cancelled. Government is not suggesting a shut down of shopping centres, schools or public transport where   numbers of people congregating are much greater than is the case with any of our activities.

Members of the Bike North Executive are closely monitoring the announcements from government and health authorities.  As individuals we must all do the same.

The health and safety of our members and riders continues to be our priority, and we encourage you all to be extra cautious and vigilant with your health during this time as well, as we believe this is a joint responsibility.

We are advised to maintain “Social Distancing”.   Current advice from the NSW Department of Health at:  includes “avoiding crowds and mass gatherings where it is difficult to keep the appropriate distance away from others” and on ‘Is it Safe to go to the Gym?’ – “Keeping fit remains important. If you are well and have not been asked to self-isolate then you can go to the gym. Don’t go to the gym if you are unwell.”.  Bike North believes that our rides provide appropriate social distancing, and provide a means to stay fit which is an important part of total health and well being.

As matters stand at present, the Bike North Executive believes that our rides program and the 2020 Tour de Cowra should go ahead as usual (with one exception) since:

•      Recreational cycling does not have close contact;

•      Nor do individuals have extended static contact.

The exception is that we are cancelling the traditional “wine and cheese” gathering as “social distancing” would be more difficult to maintain in that environment.

We would request:

•       That people with coughs and colds do not participate;

•       That you carry a personal size hand sanitiser in your jersey or first aid kit;

•       That you wash hands thoroughly and often with soap and water before eating;

•       That you avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, especially with unwashed hands;

•       That you cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing;

•       That you avoid shaking hands;

•       That you avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of respiratory illness.

•       If at cafes, do not leave helmets, gloves and sunglasses on the tables.

To minimise direct contact between individuals:

  • Participants in rides will not be required to sign on individually (and thereby share a pen and be in close contact with each other);
  • Ride leaders will “call the roll” of pre-registered participants and note on the sign on sheet whether pre-registered participants are present or not;
  • Participants who have not pre-registered will give their details verbally to the ride leader who will enter them on to the sign on sheet;
  • Ride leaders will endeavour to replace traditional coffee breaks with stops in parks or other similar open spaces; participants are encouraged to bring their own refreshments.

Cowra 2020

As advised above we have cancelled the traditional Saturday afternoon wine and cheese get-together at this year’s Tour de Cowra.  Individuals will need to make their own decisions about attendance at dinners the Social Committee has planned (registration as for rides is required).

Bike North will:

  • Continue to monitor the situation and we will follow advice from government and health authorities – that advice can change frequently and at short notice;
  • Communicate with you by email, and via the website and Bike North News if the view of the Executive changes.

In summary:

Participants in Bike North events must make themselves aware of health issues surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) and take the health protection precautions and measures as recommended by NSW and Commonwealth health authorities.  Note that these measures may change frequently

At all times, however, whether or not you participate in a Bike North activity is a decision which you must take and for which you are responsible.

Tom Rubin