Successful Cycling Skills Day

Can you remember the feeling the first time you successfully got pedaling on a bicycle – with no training wheels. Maybe you were a child, but for nine adults last Sunday there were a lot of joy and cheers of achievement as they learnt to to ride for the the first time and all got pedaling independently by the end of their lessons! Apart from the perseverance from the participants – the other successful ingredients – cycling instructor(s) with experience in learn to ride, the style of bike particularly suited to adult beginner riders – fairly upright with the seat lower to ground so both feet can easily go to the ground, and nice smooth wide space to practice on. You might spot Charlene and Ali teaching at the netball court this Sunday as our new riders will be will be back for their second lesson getting more confident in starting off, stopping and controlling the bicycle while they pedal along.

Stuart and Peter ran the Essentials Skills course along side the learn to ride course for this group – some will be able to slot straight in to some easy or easy medium Bike North ride. For others we’ll run some shorter rides over the the next few weeks.