As recently as Monday of this week I wrote to members of Bike North through a special edition of Bike North News and bn_chat to advise that the Bike North Executive believed at that time that our rides program should continue under revised protocols to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

We are now in a position where both Bicycle NSW and Cycling NSW recommend strongly against organised rides such as we run.  Moreover, the Prime Minister very clearly has recommended that we stay home as much as possible and, while endorsing the importance of exercise, recommended that we undertake our exercise individually or with family members. 

The importance of “social distancing” is increasingly stressed.  This afternoon (Wednesday 25 March) the ABC reported on a University of Sydney study: “Data shows coronavirus can only be controlled if 8 out of 10 Australians stay home”  This modelling suggests that if we have 70% compliance COVID-19 will continue to spread exponentially, with 80% compliance we could get through the worst in 13 weeks.

The Bike North Executive has now concluded that we cannot continue with our rides and coaching programs at present.  There are three rides scheduled for Friday and Saturday.  Those three rides will be the last until the Executive believes that we can recommence our rides program.

We live in difficult times the like of which none of us has seen before.  Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

Tom Rubin

President, Bike North