Transport for NSW specification for road maintenance

A number of members have expressed concern about clearing of debris on the old Pacific Highway and other routes, after the recent storms.  As a result, David Thomson and John Hunt have dug deeper and have found the specification that the contractor should be following in maintaining major roads in northern Sydney.  It is “QA Specification M3 Routine Services” which can be found on the RMS website here,M1-M925  (Also on the web site is the over-arching contract for road maintenance “Stewardship Maintenance Contract”).   David and John were also to meet with the Transport for NSW person in charge of the Downer contract about these issues, but this meeting has now been postponed, a victim of COVID-19.  Many of the obligations that members thought should be imposed on Downer, are already requirements of the specification.  For example, Downer are obliged to inspect the road at designated intervals, as well as within 24 hours after a storm.  They are required to remove debris from the road and to consider risks to road users and prioritise work based on those risks.  This information is provided so that members can better understand what Downer should be doing, and so that members might provide more specific information to Transport and Downer about defects and about deficiencies in maintenance action.  For further information contact John Hunt or David Thomson.

John W. Hunt

David Thomson