Changes in Parramatta Park from May 18

The ‘People’s Loop’ is a new two-month trial initiative to transform walking and cycling in World Heritage-listed Parramatta Park. The trial will run from 18 May to 19 July 2020.

Changed traffic conditions

The Park will remain open to vehicles during the trial but changed traffic conditions include:

  • Queens Road Gate will be closed to vehicles at all times. Macquarie Street gates will remain open as normal for vehicles to enter and exit the Park.
  • Cars will be re-routed to travel northbound one way on Long Avenue, creating a car-free, pedestrian, and cycling loop in West Domain area . Roadside car parking along the West Domain area will be closed for the duration of the trial.
  • Pedestrians on Long Avenue will use the alternate ridgetop footpath. Cyclists may use Long Avenue northbound one way.
  • Vehicle access to Old Government House and the long stay car parks at the Bowling Green and O’Connell Street will remain as normal. 

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