Cycling space desperately needed in North Sydney during COVID-19 times

While there are plenty of moves happening to provide pop-up cycleways in City of Sydney, North Sydney is desperately needing similar spaces. Bike North has yet to hear back from North Sydney Council regarding our request for such spaces (COVID-19 – Generating spaces for walking and cycling).

Bike North has also called for more space on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The easiest was to get this would be to assign a car lane for Bicycles as we requested last month. (COVID-19 Temporary Bike Lanes – Sydney Harbour Bridge and Pacific Highway). This request has now been picked up by the Sydney Morning Herald with an article published 19th May (‘Huge statement’: cycling group wants Harbour Bridge lane for commute).

It is so disappointing to see the harbour being a divide between a more bike friendly Sydney CBD, and a much less friendly area north of the harbour. While North Sydney has done a good amount of work recently, there is so much more that can be done.

Bike North calls on both North Sydney Council and Transport for NSW to extend on road pop up cycleways through North Sydney. It is also time for the 55 steps at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway to be replaced by a ramp, that project being delayed by North Sydney Council and their opposition to previous plans submitted by Transport for NSW.

Bike North calls all members and locals on the north side to make their voices heard. As well as writing to your local Councillors and members of parliament, you can pin your views on the  Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Social Pinpoint – Streets as Shared Spaces interactive map. Even if your idea is already shown, please make sure to Like those already pinned.

Advocacy Working Groups: North Sydney

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