Depot Road, Lane Cove National Park

Some weeks ago, mention was made in Bike North News of changes to Depot Road, Lane Cove National Park, which links the Park to West Lindfield. The National Parks and Wildlife Service had constructed very large and dangerous speed bumps across the road in an attempt to slow cyclists down.

Since that time Bike North has continued to communicate with NPWS. The most recent response is as follows:

“NPWS have engaged an independent civil traffic safety consultant to undertake a road safety audit for Depot Road.  The safety audit is the formal examination of the existing or future road infrastructure with which road users interact.  The outcome of a road safety audit is a report, which identifies any road safety deficiencies and if appropriate, makes recommendations aimed at removing or reducing the deficiencies. In the review of constructed and designed traffic calming devices, there would be the tendency to be critical of the function, aesthetics, and form of the device. The purpose of Safety Auditing is not to rate the design, but to ensure that road safety is not compromised.”

Whilst changes have been made, Depot Road remains CLOSED, however it is noted both cyclists and pedestrians are continuing to use it.

Members should also note that signage has been placed at the causeway advising cyclists to dismount. Small speed bumps have been installed at each end of the causeway and Bike North is aware of one rider who fell and was injured during construction before the required yellow and black lines were put in place. This rider has reported the incident to NPWS.

Bike North will continue to liaise with NPWS, in a cooperative manner, to bring about a satisfactory solution to this matter.