Sydney Safe Cycling Month

I hope you are all very well and your members are enjoying getting back to riding in groups of 10 again. 🙂 

I’m reaching out to all of you because Sydney Safe Cycling together with Bicycle NSW are holding a SYDNEY SAFE CYCLING MONTH 13th June – 12th July.

Our aim is to get a message directly to the driver passing the cyclist that they are a human being and to keep the 1m (speed limits under 60km/h) or 1.5m (speed limits over 60km/h) safety distance from them. This will save lives!!

What Sydney Safe Cycling Month involves is for cyclists to buy a bib online for $5 with a humanizing statement and a distance reminder of 1m or 1.5m, and wear it for Sydney Safe Cycling Month. Please visit this website to purchase.

Please Like and Share and Join our FB Page and FB Group called SYDNEY SAFE CYCLING. We have also set up a FB Event to for you to Share. 

More Cyclists that get involved mean a louder voice which means change. 

Please help us to get the word out. 

Thank you, 

Gina Lewis-Enright

Financial Director

Enright Foods

+61 474 190 873