Lane Cove Council Agenda Item – Funding for Bicycle Infrastructure

The Lane Cove Bicycle Committee has been lobbying for an increase to the Council’s bike funding which has been static at $150,000 per annum for many years, and they point out that it will take at least 20 years to complete the current works on the latest bike Plan at that rate.  Bike North supports their request for significantly increased funding and wrote to Lane Cove Council when they exhibited their budget recently. But no change has been recommended in the Council budget report for next Monday night’s Council meeting.

Increased funding is especially important to start building local cycleways that will enable the many new “COVID-19 lockdown” bike riders to safely cycle around Lane Cove, and to demonstrate to Transport for NSW that Lane Cove Council is serious about improving cycling infrastructure and worthy of additional funding to roll out major cycleways from the Principal Bicycle Network.

Councillor Andrew Zbik does support increased funding and has lodged a motion (see link below) which calls for an additional $800,000 funding for the Lane Cove Bike Plan in the 2020/2021 financial year and commitment to fully fund and implement the Lane Cove Bike Plan over the next five years.

Consideration of Councillor Zbik’s motion and then approval of the proposed Council budget will be at the Monday meeting.

Lane Cove residents (as well as anyone who supports improved cycling infrastructure in Lane Cove) please consider contacting all of the local Councillors requesting their support for Councillor Zbik’s motion.

In particular you should consider contacting the Lane Cove Mayor, Pam Palmer (email: mobile 0431 959 980) and the Council General Manager, Mr Craig Wrightson (email: ) as well as the general council email address,

Councillor email contact details are

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