The Sydney to Wollongong bike ride, generally known as The MS Gong Ride, has been held each year for 39 years and raised significant funds for MS sufferers and research. Unfortunately COVID-19 has meant the physical ride has been cancelled, like all other similar events, but the needs of MS sufferers continue.

This year the MS Gong Ride has gone virtual.

Gone is the need to get up in the dark to get to the start.

Gone is the need to fight your way to Wollongong with 10,000 other riders, some with limited cycling skills.

Gone is the need to get the train back to Sydney.

This year, all you need to do is sign up, on line, to cover whatever distance you want to complete from 1st October to 1st November. You then link your Strava or Fitbit to your registration and your tally will be up-dated. Then, just get friends and family to sponsor you to achieve your goal. Also, non riders can join up and walk, swim or crawl the nominated distance. The original 82km MS Gong Ride could be walked or ridden in a month with just 21 days of 4km activities. You could even do it indoors on a trainer.

Personally, I’ve signed up to ride 1,000km in the month, something I’ve never done before, and raise $5,000. I know a few people with MS and it’s a shocking condition. Imagine being a young mother who has been diagnosed with MS in her mid-30’s and is now trying to pack as much activity into life with three young children, not knowing how long you will be able to actively engage with them! This is not fiction, it is a real case.

Please consider joining up, getting active in October’s spring weather and raising funds for MS. Hopefully next year we’ll be riding across the Seacliff Bridge once more.

Brian Lynne