The Central West Cycle Trail is open!

The Central West Cycle Trail is a delightful romp along (mostly) good dirt roads and (mostly) quiet sealed back-roads.

It is a 480km loop including Gulgong, Mudgee and Dubbo. We did it
comfortably in a week, covering 60-80 kms each day, staying mainly in country pubs. These were all clean, fairly comfortable, though with an emphasis on friendliness rather than luxury!

Two days included some extended gravel riding through more remote bushland, with numerous stream-crossings. These were much easier for those of us with wider tyres – I was on an MTB, though this was overkill. Just occasionally I was glad of the fork suspension, though all my companions were on hybrids and gravel bikes, without any real problems.

We had glorious weather: not too hot, not too cold. Definitely a tour for spring and autumn, I think! It had rained a little in the week before, so the ground was firm and the streams and puddles were not too full, usually only a few cm deep.

Most towns had interesting things to see, and were often quite small. You need to think ahead about lunch. Breakfast was often quite modest too, so be prepared to cater those yourself too.

I will definitely be going back again.  Expect that the accommodation will fill up quickly as this ride gets more well-known.

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Phillip Hart