Changes when renewing Premium membership

If you are a cycling coach or racer, you may have joined Bike North as a Premium member so you can access the relevant Professional Indemnity insurance you need for your accreditation.  You did this through Cycling Australia, selecting Bike North as your club.  There have been some changes which will affect you when your Premium membership is due for renewal:  Cycling Australia no longer exists.  It has been replaced by AusCycling.

Your current Premium membership and insurance remains valid despite this change.  You do not need to do anything until your Premium membership is due for renewal.

Renewing Premium membership

To renew your Premium membership of Bike North, go to AusCycling’s website:  Select the category of membership that best suits you.  For example, if you are a coach and want to ride, you may want to choose their Lifestyle category.  To remain a Premium member of Bike North, use AusCycling’s Club Add-On and select Bike North as your club.  Note: to find Bike North, you may have to scroll down the drop-down list of clubs, almost to the bottom – the list is not alphabetical at this stage.

Make sure that you choose Bike North as your club.  Otherwise, you will not be a Bike North member.

Remember, your existing Premium membership and insurance is not affected; you can simply wait until it is due for renewal.

The alternative option for membership

If you are no longer a coach or racer, you may prefer to join Bike North membership directly.  If you are renewing a current membership, or are re-joining Bike North after a period of not being a member please contact the Membership Officer, Beth O’Leary, at  People joining Bike North for the first time can use


We strongly recommend that all cyclists take out insurance to protect them in the event of an incident while riding.

People who join Bike North directly can access comprehensive worldwide insurance by also joining Bicycle NSW:

However, if you are a coach or racer, you need Public Liability insurance, which is available from AusCycling when you join Bike North as a Premium Member.  From 01/01/2021, AusCycling will have one comprehensive insurance program, the details of which are not yet available:

Getting further clarification or assistance

I hope this has been clear.  If you need help, please contact our Membership Officer, Beth O’Leary, at

Phill Hart


Phillip Hart

President | Bike North

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