Beaches Link EIS – northern beaches – Can you help?

The Beaches Link project will have big impacts on cycling, both positive and negative.  Many BN members have cycled on the northern beaches or know the area.  If that’s you, we need your assistance in responding to the northern beaches parts of the Beaches Link EIS.  

Carolyn New is leading a dedicated group of BN members addressing issues at the southern end of the project (“in the BN area”), but cyclists from the northern beaches are short of resources to respond about the northern end around Balgowlah, Seaforth and Killarney Heights. Can you help?  

At the northern end, the project has some real positives, such as the bike path along Wakehurst Parkway, but also issues such as the management of risks to riders from heavy vehicle traffic along that route during construction (40 trucks an hour) and lack of clarity around many details of the design and their impacts.  We need further review of the EIS documents, assessment of their impact and help in drafting a response.  

If you can assist, please email Carolyn New at or David Thomson at  Comments on the EIS close on 1 March, so please let us know soon if you can assist.