Bike North’s Strategic Plan 2021

We can rightly be proud of Bike North and the people who have built it.  So what now?  How do we build on our successes and what challenges do we face?

After considerable deliberation, the Executive Committee have developed our Strategic Plan 2021, a concise, useful guide that gives direction to the committee’s efforts this year.

In brief, here are the challenges and opportunities we will be tackling:

Rides and routes· More opportunities to ride; broad spread of ride difficulty, distance, pace, etc (eg more at approx. 35kms, weekends…); average > 60? rides per month (currently 50); more rides, more riders.
· Help ride leaders expand their awareness of what routes are available (i.e. beyond those with which they are familiar).
Make it easier for ride leaders to find and offer suitable rides.
Give members more variety in rides.
Skills and safety· Coach beginners, build their skills and confidence.
· Strengthen bike maintenance skills.
· Extend the skills and enjoyment of riders at all levels; even strong riders can build their skills.
· Maintain near-zero incidents.
For more detail, see Bike North Advocacy Strategy 2021
· Strengthen relationships with councils, TfNSW, BNSW; by positioning ourselves as a useful partner, we become even more recognised as an organisation they consult.
· Engage with local government candidates for the September 2021 Council elections.
Membership· Strengthen opportunities for personal connections between members.
Communications· Keep the website current, fresh.
· Strengthen the flow of interesting articles.
Systems and processes· Improve efficiency and effectiveness of processes which support strategic goals (eg enable members to renew and pay online).
· Reduce our heavy reliance on any one person.
Finances· Consider the most appropriate way to use our current financial resources (including maintaining an appropriate reserve of funds).

You can see more detail about our proposed activities in the Strategic Plan 2021, available here.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions.  Please give us your feedback here:

Phill Hart