Snowy Valley Cycle Challenge

I heard on the grapevine of a Bike North ride around Tumut. Plenty of nice riding in the area (I grew up riding around Tumut) and if you recall the recent “discovery” of a nice ride in the Gilmore Valley was from me. Anyway around the said time of Bike North Tumut is the Snowy Valley Challenge. Yes it costs $ but entry fees are quite reasonable in comparison with other challenge rides – I think Bowral Classic is in the order of $200. Said entry helps the local community. Would be great if a team could join.

Particularly after the bushfires, money raised goes into the community and likewise visiting injects money to help recover. By the way, the pic above was pre-bushfire.
Now I realise the word “challenge” may strike fear into BN riders hearts. But the “challenge” has rides of 16Km and 35Km which are well within most BN riders ability. Likewise the 72Km is doable by the keener BN riders e.g. those that recently rode to the reptile park or did a lap of Akuna.  For the keen the 160Km includes the nearby Rosewood rail trail!

Summary of the Rides below and SVCC website Snowy Valleys Cycle Challenge – Life’s a climb, but the view is great
16 km Adelong to Grahamstown and back to Adelong Beginners course, as flat as we can make it in Adelong. Its not flat but hills are not killers either. Biggest hill is 6% back into Adelong. This ride passes by the old Goldfields. Participants will be electronically timed.
Entry Cost: $25
45 km Adelong to Tumbalong and back to Adelong Beginner/  intermediate route out and back course, undulating terrain following the Adelong creek to Tumblong. Short hills, with biggest hill 6% gradient.
Entry Cost: $40
72km Adelong, Wondalga, Batlow, Bago, Link Rd (Greenhills Access Rd & Broadleaf Park Rd), Wondalga, Adelong. A reasonable level of fitness is required as this course has 1378 m of climbing, with a short 12% section. It also has a wonderful descent back to Wondalga with grand sweeping vistas. A medium level challenge.
The start will be after the commencement of the 144 km event. 5-hour target time.
•   1378 metres of climbing
•    Grades are up to 12% most 6% to 8%
•    Participants will be electronically timed
•    Water and nutrition available at Batlow and Bago/ Link Rd checkpoints.
Entry Cost: $75
144 Km Adelong, Wondalga, Batlow, Bago, Tarradale, Tumbarumba and returning via Link Rd (Greenhills Access Rd & Broadleaf Park Rd), Wondalga, Adelong. Good fitness recommended as considerable climbing, 2568 m with a short hill 14%. A challenging course.
The start time will be between 7.45-8:00am.  9.6 hour target time.   
•   2568 metres of climbing
•    Grades are up to 14% most 6% to 8%
•    Participants will be electronically timed
•    Water and nutrition available at 4 checkpoints: Batlow & Bago / Link Road (Greenhills Access Rd & Broadleaf Park Rd) (twice) and Tumbarumba (lunch provided)
Entry Cost: $100
160 Km Adelong Rosewood/ Tumbarumba 160km riders will go off first at 7.30am
This is a challenging course with 3000 meters of climbing. The 160 km event uses the same basic course as the popular 144km event with an added large hill into Rosewood then onto NSW “First Rail Trail”to Tumbarumba. The Rail trail is tarred  and is a nice ride with gentle gradient’s peaking at 3.5%. This addition adds a nice loop into Tumbarumba.
Entry Cost: $100

The event is well organised with the following support:

  • Water and nutrition at checkpoints
  • Support vehicles patrolling the courses to assist with repairs (no private support vehicles are permitted)
  • Police presence and motorcycle marshals patrolling the course
  • Emergency phone number of event organisers
  • Signage to provide direction on courses
  • Toilets located at checkpoints
  • Lunch for cyclists riding the 144 km & 160km courses salad roll, coffee, tea, sports drink [soft drinks can be purchased if required]
  • Toilets, showers and change facilities available at the start/finish at Adelong

Greg Boyd