Tour de Cowra Registration

Register for Overall Event

Many people have registered to come to Cowra at Easter already.

There is still time to register for the TdC 2021 event.

Just click here to register:

Pre-register for Individual Rides

Please also register for the rides you would like to do as there will be no sign on sheet on the day.

At the end of the ride you are required to bring your own pen to sign off – then we know you are back safely.

Sign on for your rides here:

Keeping us COVID-safe

Let’s all make sure we make this weekend as safe as we possibly can:

Your Part:

·        Check the NSW government website for any updates prior to coming to Cowra:

The Organisers Part:

·       We will provide hand sanitizer at assembly points – start/end of rides and in the Cheese and Wine

Jersey Days

In times gone by there have been years at Cowra when there was a thing called “Jersey Days”.

Let’s bring this tradition back. It’s easy – Each day you wear a special jersey:

·       Friday – Any Jersey Day

·       Saturday – Club Jersey Day – Show the club’s colours – wear your Bike North cycling jersey.

·       Sunday – Favourite Jersey Day

·       Monday – Silly Jersey Day – It is Mad Monday after all!