Fatal cycling accident while descending

Note : The cyclist shown in the picture is not the cyclist that was killed

A few weeks ago, a skilled and experienced rider died on a section of road that we use. Press reports (for example, here and here) say he hit the railing. Despite the efforts of the police, he died on the scene from his injuries.

I have not been able to get much more information from the responsible police station; my best understanding is that no other vehicles were involved and he probably lost control while coming down the hill on the ‘Old Pacific Highway’ from Road Warriors to the Hawkesbury River Bridge. He was riding with a group but was away from the other riders; there does not appear to have been anyone else involved.

It’s a reminder that cycling is hazardous and we need to be careful out there.

Here is an article on descending safely, especially on steep (and perhaps bumpy) hills: https://www.bikenorth.org.au/2013/05/17/descending/ . It has many important tips, including how to hold your body and arms and even where to sit in the saddle. It has advice on entering and exiting the corner and on using the brakes.

Be safe out there, folks!

Phill Hart, President