Advocacy priorities for 2021

Advocates from across the north met on 17 March to discuss what issues should be priorities in 2021.   

The most obvious opportunity in 2021 is the local government election in September.  There are 9 councils covering the Bike North area.  Those vary from councils that routinely allocate $400,000 pa to councils that allocate nothing to cycling.  The advocates have agreed a set of actions to inform and to encourage candidates to support cycling and to inform Bike North members and the general public of those candidates that support cycling.   

Advocates have also determined the broader priorities for action in 2021:  

  1. Local government election.  This will be the no.1 priority for 2021 and will involve substantial work for all advocates.   
  2. Get all Councils to apply for all available grants, from all programs.  Councils generally only undertake cycling projects when they get money from state government programs, so let’s make sure that all councils apply for every funding opportunity.   
  3. Bike North to identify shovel ready projects that Council could quickly implement.  Each local government area should have a number of these in its ‘bottom drawer’ to offer when funds become available, which often occurs at short notice.   
  4. Meet with senior Transport for NSW and Bicycle NSW staff.  Work towards a more constructive relationship with Transport for NSW, eg with local Traffic Committees and improve success rate in funding applications.   

If you would like to contribute to bicycle advocacy in northern Sydney make contact on