The Tour de Cowra 2021

They don’t get much rail traffic these days in Billimari (see the photo).

They did, however, have over 60 cyclists stream through recently, as part of the Tour de Cowra.  It was a common point on the two rides being offered that day.

And what a day it was!  And what an event!  We got to know old friends better and to make new ones.  The whole time, we had beautiful weather: a little cool at the start, the bright sunshine rapidly warming us until we were comfortable.  We had long rolling hills, mostly not too steep, not too many strong headwinds, with some long glorious descents. The countryside was verdant and pastoral, feasting the eyes and refreshing the soul. The tarmac was in reasonably good condition, the shoulders were wide when we needed them, the traffic on the backroads mostly very light.

Most days there were multiple offerings, with different lengths and difficulty. My personal favourite was the last day’s Chiverton Long Loop, which we all did – 44kms of gently rolling back-country fun.  We all had big smiles on our dials, though with a gnawing realisation that this was our last chance to enjoy this area… until  next year!  Roll on Tour de Cowra 2022!

A big shout out to Theresa Gin and Christine Jessup for organising the bananas, bars, jelly beans, wine and cheese, basically everything we needed to keep our hearts and tummies full.

And a HUUUUGE thank you to David Vasey and John Williams for so carefully and thoroughly organising the routes and averything that was needed to make the event work so well.  They even came out to Cowra the week before and drove all the routes to check they were open and ridable.  Their attention to detail helped it all go so smoothly.

Only 363 sleeps until TdC 2022.  See you there.

Phill Hart

Proud Bike North member