Ebike session a success

Bike North hosted a successful eBike taster session for Willoughby Council during seniors week. It was a popular session with a full number of participants. Thank you to the several Bike North volunteers who came along with their ebikes and talked about why they got an ebike, what they enjoy about riding it (like taking the strenuous effort out of bigger hills) and the particular features the were looking for when they purchased their bike. We covered motor and battery aspects that impact assist torque and range, and the assist controller and sensors etc. The session included some practical bike handling tips particular to riding an ebike like controlling the surge on tighter corners or using the surge to assist on a hill start. The participants got to look over the bikes, chat with Bike North members and some to have a short test ride. The focus was on the pleasurable, healthy and environmentally sustainable transport option riding an ebike can provide, as well as enjoyable recreation cycling. Willoughby Council is hoping to schedule another one towards the end of the year.