Overall Map of Our Ride Routes

A new facility is available to view some 300 Ride routes from our database that have been mapped with the ridewithgps.com [RwGPS] tool.  (Conversion of old routes to this format is ongoing).

This facility is more efficient than using our traditional “Search Rides Database”, particularly when searching for Rides that start in a certain area.

To access the new facility, click on “Our Rides” then “Search Rides Database via Map”.  A map of some north-western suburbs appears in the top 2/3 of the screen, with up to five info-boxes in a lower panel.

Each box has basic info about a Ride that starts somewhere on the map: name (in red), start-location, Grade, distance, metres-climbed.  If more than five Rides start on the current map, arrows at either end of the lower panel enable box scrolling.

A blue icon on the map indicates a Ride starts there.  Hover the cursor on a blue icon and the Ride-name appears.  Click on a blue icon and an info-box appears alongside on the screen, while the identical box moves to left in lower panel.

If multiple Rides start in the one location, a coloured circle shows, containing the number of rides starting there.  The circle’s colour varies according to number of rides: typically green or yellow.  Click on a coloured circle and the map will zoom (if possible) and show blue icons for each ride starting there.

At the bottom of each info-box there are three small blue icons.  Click on the left icon and Ride’s route appears in blue.  Click on the middle icon and the route also appears, but with the map zooming so that the route takes most of the map.  Click on the right blue icon (“i”) for the database info about that Ride, as per using “Search Ride Database”.

There are icons on three corners of the map.  Top left is zoom +/-.  Top right is map format options: Open streetmap (default), Open cyclemap (highlighting recommended roads/paths), or ESRI satellite.  Bottom right are option boxes for each of our Grades.  The default is all Grades, so untick unwanted Grades to filter your search.

There are some 100 Start-locations on our database.  If you zoom out far enough, you will see coloured icons for Cowra (24 Rides!), Tumut, Bundanoon, and Newcastle.

This great facility has been developed by Darryn Capes-Davis, computer guru, Ride-leader and until recently, our Communications Manager. Thank you, Darryn!

Oz Wanderer