Bicycle Projects on Public Exhibition in Willoughby LGA

Willoughby Council has on public exhibition for comment, detailed design for two bicycle routes between Chatswood and St Leonards. 

Pacific Highway Shared Path Route

Consultation till 20 June

Chatswood to St Leonards Separated Cycleway (along Hampden Road and Herbert Street)

Consultation till 20 June

Webinar on Thursday 27 May 6-7pm

Bike North is preparing submissions to both these projects and welcome your input.

Your support in response to these exhibitions is also very much needed, especially in this Council election year.

The concept for Pacific Highway shared path was on exhibition in 2019 and the separated path along Herbert/Hampden in 2020 and you can download previous Bike North submissions to these projects from the Bike North website at

Pacific Highway in the 2019 Correspondence folder

Herbert/Hampden in the 2020 Correspondence folder

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