North Sydney Council calls extraordinary council meeting to oppose SHB project

The long awaited Sydney Harbour Bridge northern access ramp is finally coming out on public exhibition on Monday  so everyone, community and bike riders can see exactly what the two proposals are.  This will be on the project web page at – this page is already live with history information, the public exhibition will be updated Monday morning (7 June).  This will include information about the two options, details of engagement events, and links to an online submission form and survey. 

There will also be many opportunities to meet the transport team face to face.  These will include community drop-in sessions (pre-registration required to ensure Covid safety); pop-up stalls at the foot of the cycleway northern steps, a stall at the Kirribilli markets; and an on-line Livestream event. Community updates will also be sent to the local area.

Feedback is being encouraged until midnight on Sunday 27 June.

Certain North Sydney Councillors are already gearing up in opposition and they have called an Extraordinary Council Meeting for Monday 7 June to consider a funding proposal to launch a campaign to ‘save Bradfield Park’.  Why the haste to pre-judge and close down a proposal that has not yet been put in detail to the community!

I encourage all North Sydney residents to contact their Councillors this weekend or Monday and ask ‘why the haste to pre-judge’. Let the whole community including bike riders, review and digest the proposals and make their own minds up. Also tell the Councillors how critical is rideable access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway  – for safety reasons and to remove the barrier for many riders with heavy and large bikes, for young family groups, for some older riders and for less physically able riders. If you have your own personal reasons for this ramp – tell them. We have already waited far too long for this ramp.

If you don’t live in North Sydney but care about this ramp access, please contact them this weekend or Monday as well. Say you want to see and assess the proposals, with your reasons, and ask why they are hasting to pre-judge on behalf of the community.

Councillors can be contacted at the following email addresses:

Council management can also be contacted

Carolyn New