Coaching / Instructor Courses Available

AustCycling Community Cycling Instructor course is now available as an online module. Bike North would like to increase the number of cycling coaches / cycling instructors. Bike North would be keen to have a group of members complete the Community Instructor and/or Foundation Instructor courses.

With a number of coaches or instructors in our club there would be an opportunity to increase and diversify the range of cycling skills programs offered. This could include:- Coaching Rides (rides that have a skills section built into them), Coaching On A Ride where the coach is assisting a few riders on the ride (but not leading the ride), or Cycling Skills or Education Sessions which can be aimed at different levels or sets of skills.

AustCycling, the national cycling sports organisation, auspices Coaching and Instructor programs. AustCycling have recently released the coaching and instructor pathway. The AustCycling pathway identifies two key streams: An Instructor is someone that helps the participants develop the technical skills and confidence to ride a bike within their chosen discipline. A Coach is someone that helps the participants develop the physiological and psychological requirements and technical skills for competition.

Community Instructor is the initial level all instructors / coaches are required to complete. Foundation and Development levels are aimed at assisting and improving community and club level of skills. Advanced and Elite are aimed at State or National competitive levels of cycling sports. Details and registration for the courses ares at

Completion of first aid training, working with children’s check and being a Bike North premium member (means that you are also a member of AusCycling), are the other prerequisites. Bike North will offer reimbursement for the full amount of instructor / coaching course fees and ½ the cost of a first aid course. Instructors/coaches would be expected to offer 4-6 coaching /skills /education sessions or events a year. The Community Instructor module is now available to complete online. The Foundation Course has some online component followed then a practical element. If there was a small group interested – Bike North would organise to have a practical session scheduled later in the year.

If you are interested in AustCycling Instructor/Coaching courses contact Alison