Sydney Harbour Bridge – Vote for the linear ramp option

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After 20 years of trying, the steep steps at the north end of the Harbour Bridge may soon be replaced.  Transport for NSW are offering two options, a spiral ramp and a straighter ‘linear’ one.  

Bike North’s preference is for the linear ramp, for these reasons as it’s a win-win for pedestrians and bike riders.  This eliminates the barrier of the steps for many riders, provides safe, rideable access to the bridge cycleway while also significantly reducing conflict with pedestrians accessing the Milsons Point Station. Also reduces conflict with the popular Kirribilli Markets held around Burton Street twice a month and greatly enhances North Sydney Council’s plans to pedestrianise that street.

Bicycle NSW and most other groups are also supporting the linear option. 

It’s time for us all to support this proposal:

You can answer the quiz or just make a simple submission: Linear Ramp Now!  Thanks.

Phill Hart


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