North Sydney Council has taken unprecedented action against the proposed options for the Sydney Harbour Bridge ramp. They are reaching out widely, making untrue claims and proposing that a lift would do the job. The lift proposal has already been examined by Transport and found to be unworkable for bike riders.

While this ramp is important to North Sydney, it also has major regional implications. This is the only connection directly from the north to the City of Sydney. This is important for us all in Bike North and we need help from you all to make sure Transport receives the level of support it deserves.

A private Facebook page has been setup by individuals to raise awareness in the community as to the need to support the ramp and complete the Transport for NSW survey. The site also provides guidance and information for submissions. You can access this site at and apply to join this page.

Most important point – complete the online survey at

Closing Date: Sunday 27 June, 2021

Carolyn New

Advocacy Working Groups: North Sydney

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